Safety Valve - Visakhapatnam

Steam boilers, pressure vessels, pipelines, and industrial operations that handle gases or liquids under pressure all require safety valves to operate safely. Safety valves are essential parts of these systems. we are leading manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India offerd by darshan control & valves. They function by opening at a specific pressure threshold, permitting the extra pressure to be discharged or vented, and preventing the system from failing catastrophically.

We have created a line of safety valves with sizes ranging from 12" to 4" (15 mm to 100 mm). Safety valves' bodies, bonnets, and springs are made of AISI 304/316 steel. End connections are offered with screwed to BSP/BSPT/NPT choices for the greatest performance. Darshan Valve & Controls is a leading manufacturing company offering qualitative safety valve series that is exclusively used in industries like chemical, oil, sugar, textile and food processing. On request, we additionally provide a number of safety valves that confirm API 256. As well as paying attention to custom valves, we also offer a wide range of options for building materials and other configurations.

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