Safety Valve


SAFETY VALVE are used to protect the system or equipment. They are used to prevent overpressure in plant or equipments. It is also used to prevent the spoilage of the products. On exceeding the pressure than the limit, either says predefining level, the valve quickly opened and allow passing through the liquid or gas. On reaching its preset pressure, it tends to close. It reduces the excess pressure with safe manner. It efficiently works in the difficult conditions.

Kinds of safety valves are varied as per applications. In the systems of compressed air, the safety valves do not contain an outlet connection, but the air is directly vented to the atmosphere. Safety valves contain full nozzle or semi nozzle at the inlet connection. The outlet connection is screwed or flanged. They contain hood or adjustable blowdown rings, as per applications. We offer a great range of safety valves, varied in dimensions, capacities and inlet-outlet connections, depending upon the usages.

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Feature :

  • Prevent spoilage of the products
  • Vibration resistant
  • Compact body
  • Easy maintenance
  • Metal to metal seat and soft seat
  • Highly reliable
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