Globe Valve

Globe valves are linear motion valves. The globe valves offer ideal throttling capacity. It is generally used as the on/off valve in system. It has applications in multiple industrial sectors due to its characteristic of working effectively with liquid and gas system. It can be used for the systems containing high temperature and pressure. It is a multi turn valve. It is preferably used in the plumbing industry. To fit water pipes, Globe Valves, Steam Safety Valve are used to make easy monitoring of the water flow. It is effectively reduce the pressure drop and allow the smooth flow in the system.

Our advance production facilities help us to customize globe valve for the specific requirements. We offer different tailor made options for the high temperature fluids.

Our domestic market for Safety Valve

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Safety Valve Kolkata Globe Valve Hyderabad Check Valve Dhanbad Gate Valve Allahabad
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Gate Valve Mumbai Safety Valve in Chennai Ball Valve in Bangalore Ghaziabad

Feature :

  • Hassle free functioning
  • Compact design
  • Tailor made valves
  • Higher pressure ratings
  • Robust construction

Applications :

  • Power industry
  • Water handling system
  • In steam application